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Basic Christianity

God's Greatest Glory
What Does God Require of Us?
Becoming a Christian
The Evil Heart
The Emptiness of Life
Dirty Washing
Can a Christian Lose His Salvation?
Should we Impose Christian Standards on Others?
Christian Hatred
Healing Ministries
Christmas: Satan's Greatest Festival

The Christian Life

My Soul is Exceeding Sorrowful, Even unto Death
Ground to Powder
Only Evil Continually
I'm Saved, But Im not Getting any Better
Being Taken Advantage Of
Trying too Hard
Skeletons in the Cupboard
Embracing Self-Hatred
The Last shall be First
Growing Old
Walk Worthy
Good Works
The Doctrine According to Godliness
The Undetectable God
The Lost Art of Suffering Wrongfully
What if I am not One of the Elect?
The End does Not Justify the Means
Spiritual Growth
The Guidance of the Holy Spirit
Rejoice in the Lord
Cry to God for Mercy
The Loneliness of the Serious Christian
Prayer Changes Things

The Frustrations of Church

Prepare to be Surprised
The Great Dilemma
Am I an Heretic?
Church Disputes
Accepting the Lord's Providence
Church Membership

Reformation Required

The Church has Forgotten
The Train Now Leaving
Our Own Importance
The Reformation of Preaching
Christian Community
Attracting Youth
But the Church Doesn't Like Me
Theres a Need Near You
Why the Church Isn't Growing

Church Leadership

Nobody Listens to a Word I Have to Say
Leadership: A Lust not a Gift
Who Controls Your Church?

Modern False Gospels

Appeal to Disillusionment
The Do it Yourself Gospel
Freedom in Christ
Worshipping the Money God

The Bible

The One Thing Needful
One is Your Master
This is An Hard Saying
The Quest for Certainty
The Apocrypha

Understanding the Future

Understanding Future Events
The Use of Apocalyptic Literature
The Antichrist
The Future of the Jews
The Millennium

Signs and Wonders and Spiritual Gifts


Arranged Marriages
Divorce and Remarriage