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This section was going to be called "Sermons." But the more I think about this, the more I realise how arrogant it is for anyone to use such a term. How dare any of us say that we "preach sermons." Don't get me wrong. There is a school of thought that says that only a certain elite group of people called "ministers" are supposedly "called of God" to "preach sermons." That is not the kind of attitude I am trying to defend at all. That attitude in fact is the grossest arrogance of them all, and I write more clearly on this subject in my article "The Reformation of Preaching." No. Anyone who calls themselves a "preacher," "minister" or the like, or who fancies himself in a pulpit, takes on himself far too much importance. And there are far too many of these people in the church today.

All of us are sinful creatures. Our real need and work is to help and encourage one other in the faith. None of us are higher in status than anyone else in spritual things. Anyone who gives a message (which is what I prefer to call this activity) is on an equal level with the hearers. The speaker is no better than the hearers. Do you understand? THE SPEAKER IS NO BETTER THAN THE HEARERS. Oh, you who fancy yourselves as a "preacher," BRING YOURSELVES DOWN!

These are my actual notes of messages given. They are here printed out in pdf format for the edification of all who read them.

Notes on the Use of the New International Version

Some of these messages use the New International Version of the English Bible. I do not recommend this version for two reasons: (1.) It is based on the wrong original texts. (2.) It is translated in an "idea for idea" manner, rather than "word for word." The King James Bible is by far the best version in English today, and, although not perfect (no translation is), it avoids both of these problems.

However, some of these messages were given in China, and I had to use the New International Version there, because the Chinese audience were all English learners. They were following the messages from an interlinear New International Version / Chinese Union Version Bible, and I did not wish to confuse them further by using another English translation. Having said that, I used the 1996 edition of the NIV, whereas I found out later that they were using the 2000 edition, which is actually significantly different!

Of course, where the NIV is wrong, I point out the problems where they occur.