Christian Pilgrim


28. Daniel 11

This can be divided up into three sections:
1. The immediate future of Persia with Greece (vv.2-4),
2. The history of the Roman Empire (vv.5-20).,
3. The papacy (vv.21ff.).

Daniel 11 is a potted history of the Middle East from Daniel's time until Jesus' second coming (12:1). The king of the North is Rome. The king of the South is Egypt.

vv.2-4 - Persia and Greece will come, but Alexander the Great's Greek empire will be split into four.

v.5 - The Ptolemys will be a strong house in Egypt.

v. 6 - Mark Anthony and Cleopatra.

vv. 5-14 - This passage is difficult to pin down comparing it to (probably wrong) secular history, but this is a potted history of Rome and Egypt to the time of the rise of the Roman Empire.

vv.15-19 - This is the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.

v.20 - The "raiser of taxes" may be Constantine, when Christianity was formally accepted as the state religion in the Roman empire.

vv.21 - From this verse onwards, we see the "vile person" rising up, i.e. the pope.

vv. 25-27 - These verses may refer to the Crusades.

v. 27 - "Both these kings hearts shall be to do mischief" i.e. popery and Islam.

v.30 - The ships of Kittim (modern day Cyprus) may refer to the split of the Greek Orthodox churches away from Rome in 1054. This humbles the pope a little but only concentrates his mind on destroying Protestants instead!

v. 31 - The blasphemy of the mass will be set up in the holy place.

v. 32 - But the true believers will be kept strong, and will keep each other instructed in the truth, during which time many will be persecuted.

v. 36 - The king of the North will magnify himself above every god i.e. he is the pope and demands worship.

v.37 - He shall not regard the God of his fathers (i.e. the true God) or the desire of women (celibacy of the priesthood).

v.39 - He will claim to be head of the true church but will not be in reality, because Christ is.

v. 40 - At the time of the end, the king of the South (i.e. Islam) will push at him, but Romanism will triumph.

v. 44 - But tidings out of the east (the Orthodox church) and north (the Protestant church) shall trouble him.

v.45 - He shall place himself between the seas (i.e. nations) and the holy mountain to deliberately obscure the gospel from them. Yet he will come to his end in the time appointed.