Christian Pilgrim


110. Singing Jesus in the Psalms

One of the most common criticisms of exclusive psalm-singing is the argument that if we only sing the Old Testament Psalms, we can never sing "the precious name of Jesus." This is totally untrue.

Matthew 1:21: – “thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.

The Hebrew word "yasha," means "to save," and occurs 56 times in the Psalms.

The Hebrew words "yesha" or "yeshuwah" means "salvation," and occurs 52 times in the Psalms.

These words are the equivalent of the Greek word "Jesus." So, whenever we sing the verb "to save" or the noun "salvation" in the Psalms, we ARE singing "the precious name of Jesus."

The Hebrew word "mashach" means "to anoint," "mashiyach" (Messiah) means "anointed." This is the equivalent of the Greek word "Christ." This occurs 12 times in the Psalms.

So "the precious name of Jesus" (or Christ) occurs 120 times in the Psalms. This is totally sufficient for our every need.