Christian Pilgrim


127. Nine Plagues of the Exodus

Exodus 7:8-13 - Aaron's staff becomes a snake - This is the first miracle, but cannot be counted as a plague. The magicians could do the same, but Aaron's rod swallowed them up.

(1.) Exodus 9:14-25 - Plague of blood - Fish die, river stinks, and water undrinkable. The magicians could do the same. The Egyptians dug along the bank for water.

(2.) Exodus 8:1-15 - Plague of frogs - The magicians could do the same. Pharoah asked Moses to remove them on the morrow. The frogs were removed but piled up in stinking heaps.

(3.) Exodus 8:16-19 - Plague of lice - Dust becomes gnats. The magicians could not do this, and recognised the "finger of God."

(4.) Exodus 8:20-31 - Plague of flies - This plague did not occur in Goshen where the Israelites were. Pharoah allows them to sacrifice in the land, but Moses insists on a three-day journey away from the land.

(5.) Exodus 9:1-7 - Plague on livestock ("grievous murrain"). This did not occur on the Israelite livestock.

(6.) Exodus 9:8-12 - Plague of boils - Ashes from the furnace became boils upon men and beasts.

Exodus 9:13-17 - Pestilence - This is not a separate plague, but a general curse on Pharaoh that all the Lord's plagues will come upon his heart, and upon his servants, and upon his people. Pestilence is mentioned in particular, but only as a generalisation of what was happening.

(7.) Exodus 9:18-35 - Plague of hail - All livestock not brought into a shelter died. This did not occur in Goshen with the Israelites.

(8.) Exodus 10:1-20 - Plague of locusts - These shall eat everything that the hail did not destroy. Pharaoh's servants told him to let the Israelites go, but Pharaoh only allows the men to go. The locusts are everywhere in Egypt.

(9.) Exodus 10:21-29 - Plague of darkness - This did not occur in Goshen with the Israelites.
Pharaoh lets the women and children go, but not the livestock.

(10.) Exodus 11,12 - Plague on firstborn - All the firstborn of families who did not put blood on their lintels died. Note that households were saved - this is proof that paedobaptism is correct.

Note that God only gives the Israelites (the visible church of the day) the instruction to put blood on their lintels, not the Egyptians, although presumably (and this is only an implication) if the Egyptians would have also done this, they would have been saved too.