Christian Pilgrim


What Does God Require of Us?

There is a God

Many people today deny the existence of God, but, despite their protestations, this is an untenable position to hold. All we need do is look to the Creation around us, the sky, the sea, the hills and forests, and we can do no other than come to the conclusion that there is an all-powerful Creator God who designed it all and keeps it all in being. God's eternal power and Godhead can clearly be seen from the things that are made by Him.

We are therefore without excuse

The reason that many people in our day deny this to be the case is not because science has proven otherwise, but rather it is because they do not want to believe it. Many people are violently against the idea that there is a God who created everything, because the consequence of admitting such a God exists must lead to the conclusion that all of us are therefore answerable to Him. We cannot escape this conclusion. If God exists, then we are answerable to Him because we were created by Him. Therefore if we continue to ignore the fact that God exists, we are without excuse when it comes to the judgment to which such a God must hold all his rational, created beings accountable.

The Conscience

Creation tells us that there is a God, and by inference that we are accountable to Him. This is all that Creation can tell us in and of itself, but it is enough for us to be without excuse if we neglect to then find out what God requires of us. It is therefore our duty to find out what God requires of us, and we should not be able to sleep until we have not only found this out, but once having found it out, put it into practice in our lives. God has also given all men a conscience, which will not give them rest until they have done this. Men do all sorts of crazy things of their own invention in order to try to placate their own consciences, but in the end none of them work, because of the very fact that they have invented these stupid ideas themselves, rather than gone looking to God Himself for the revelation that He has given mankind to show us what He requires.

God's Revelation

Creation shows us that there is a God and that we are all responsible to then find out for ourselves what God requires. In fact God's revelation as to what He requires of us is not very difficult to find at all. Most people know it. At least three major religions all acknowledge what this revelation of His law is. It is summarily comprehended in the Ten Commandments, which are common to Christians, Muslims and Jews alike. The problem is that most people in today's world simply do not want to be told what to do and how to behave, because they are happy with making their own rules up, and not being responsible to anyone for their behaviour. So they deliberately forget God. The one thing truly needful to solve all the problems of mankind, and to create a world of good, humble, God-fearing, caring people has been lost sight of completely. Without this, the world will never get any better, rather it will get worse, and no amount of man-made ideas will change the situation, just maybe cover the problems over for a time.

The Solution

If everyone kept the Ten Commandments, i.e. God's revealed law for man, the world's problems would be solved at a stroke. No longer would the world be full of people out to get what they can for themselves, living selfish lives and not bothering much about other people less well off than they. A world full of people loving God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength, and their neighbour as themselves would solve everything at a stroke. So why don't we do it?

A further problem

Here is the proof of the sad fact that none of us are able to keep the law of God, even when we know what it is. None of us can live up to that standard. Indeed, our natural instinct is to rebel against God's law and deliberately hate it, wanting to live for our own pleasure and invent our own morality instead. We think that we shouldn't be responsible to a God, especially one who gives us a law that demands of us more than we can do. This, we say, is the ultimate in unfairness. How can we believe in a God that is so cruel?

God's Final Solution

First of all, God created man upright, but Adam, the first man (this fact is common to all three major religions. It is the evolutionist, who doesn't believe in a first man, that is out of step here), sinned by eating the forbidden fruit, and all mankind descending by ordinary generation from him, i.e. you and me, inherited a totally corrupt nature as a result. This is why we cannot keep God's law no matter how hard we try. Try keeping the Ten Commandments in thought, word and deed for a day, or an hour. All I have to say to you is the phrase "dirty thought," and you have had one. Don't pretend that you haven't. This is the wretched condition we are all in by nature.

Again, it is argued that it is unfair of God to subject all men to being born into such a condition, when it was only Adam that fell in the first place. Well, for a start it is not unfair of God. He can create a world any way He likes, and it is not up to us to complain. But more than this, God has provided a way of escape from our condition. So there is a way out. Even so, most men prefer not to believe the problem exists in the first place, than to believe a problem with a way out.

Remember what we have learned so far:

- The fact of Creation shows us there is a God.
- The fact there is a God means that we are responsible to Him.
- The fact that we are responsible to Him means that we must search out what duty this God requires of us.
- When we find what duty He requires of us we find out that we cannot keep this law in and of ourselves.
- When we find out that we cannot keep this law in and of ourselves we must search out to see whether God has a way of escape, and if so to take hold on it with all that we have, or face the consequences.

Cry for Mercy

No longer do we now have Islam and Judaism with us. Both these religions believe that, despite Adam's fall, we are still able to keep the law in and of ourselves. They will not see that the real problem is within us, so they will not see the need to go searching any further for a solution. We need to see the depth of our own inability to keep God's law, and to cry out for Him to have mercy on us. God has no obligation to answer. If God sent you or me into eternal conscious torment in body and soul in hell fire forever, it would only be what every one of us deserves as the just punishment for our sins. God is always perfectly just, He cannot be otherwise.

But God is also a merciful God. He sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. Cry to Him for mercy. He is our only hope.

"Seek ye the LORD, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD'S anger."  – Zephaniah 2:3