Christian Pilgrim



Here is a collection of simple tracts on various subjects of Christian interest. A summary of the tract appears here. To access the full tract, please click the appropriate button in the brown box on the left, or the title below.

All tracts are available for free download as pdf files for printing onto A4 sheets. To download these, click the appropriate button on the tract's page.

Becoming a Christian

There are many misconceptions as to what "Becoming a Christian" means today. Some people think they are born one depending on what country they come from. Others think they simply become one by making a free-will decision to join the church, like joining a club of enthusiasts. All these misconceptions are wrong. But there is also much false teaching in the church itself about the true nature of such a life-transforming change. This tract seeks to present the truth on this subject.

God's Greatest Glory

This tract shows how our view of God is too small. We think he is altogether such an one as ourselves (Psalm 50:21). Yes, ALL things, even the wicked acts of men, God is working out to His own glory, to the eternal comfort of His people.

What Does God Require of Us?

This tract shows that all men are without excuse, when it comes to being responsible to the one true Creator God, Lord of heaven and earth. We cannot escape this fact, no matter how hard we try. And Christianity alone has the truth, because we cannot please God by nature.

The Church has Forgotten

This tract gives us nine things that are completely missing in the church today. This is why God is not worshipped as He should be, and why we are so ignorant of Him.

Healing Ministries in the Church Today

This tract shows us the danger of presuming on God to physically heal us every time we ask. Sometimes God wants us sick. He most certainly wants us all to die eventually. We must come to terms with these realities, rather than pretend they don't exist, and acquiesce to God's will in all things, whilst at the same time making our peace with Him and preparing ourselves for heaven.

Christmas: Satan's Greatest Festival

In the church we are continually being told that Christmas is the biggest Christian festival of the year, one of the best opportunities for evangelism, as many people who would not normally come to church enter its doors. So, we are told, we should get out there and make it as joyous a festival as possible. I'm sorry but I don't agree. Christmas is not in the Bible and is satanic in origin. This tracts shows us why we should avoid this festival and follow Christ instead.

Which Church Do I Join?

I have had a new heart put within me. I have become a new creature in Christ. Old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. Hallelujah! Joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth. Now I have become a Christian, I have a desire to join myself with my fellow believers in Christ. I have a desire to go to church. But which one do I go to? There are so many different organisations, all claiming to be the true church of Jesus Christ. Where do I go? Where do I start? This tract attempts to give an answer to this difficult question.

Embracing Self-Hatred

Modern psychology, which has infiltrated every conceivable area of life today, has overwhelmed us all by its philosophy. We are told everywhere that we should have a sense of self-worth, self-acceptance, self-esteem and self-confidence. This tract shows how abslutely wrong such a philosophy is. It has infiltrated the church in a big way, and needs to be exposed.

The Do-it-Yourself Gospel

There is a new "gospel" being preached in many churches today, which is nothing more than humanistic psychology dressed in religious clothing. The dangerous thing about this is that it leads people away from the true gospel rather than towards it, and all of us should be aware of it.

The Evil Heart

This is a short A5 tract which explains the one problem that there is in the world - our evil hearts. It then gives an explanation as to what God has done about it, and how we should respond.

The Emptiness of Life

This is a short A5 tract which explains the emptiness of life, whether we live for ourselves, or try to placate a god of some kind. We find that none of it is useful, and all is pointless. Then we have the answer. Coming to the one Saviour God has sent into the world.

Dirty Washing

This is a short A5 tract which talks about all those embarrassing things we hide in our hearts that we don't want anyone else to know about. It shows that these are truly and properly sin and that we're uttery addicted to them and don't want to give them up. But there is a way out in Jesus Christ.